GoBeam 230° Led Headlamp

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Gobeam™ is the first of it’s kind -The world’s widest LED headlamp offering you 230° of bright continuous illumination with unrivaled light coverage.

 230° Wide Angle LED Beam
 Wave Sensor
 Max Output 350 Lumens
 Dimmable Side & Front Light
 No-Bounce Design
 Adjustable Headband
 Rechargeable via USB Type C
 3 Hours On High, 8 Hours On Low
IPX4 Waterproof

*Red light option now available. Choose between white light or red light. Red light emits only on the wide beam, not the side beam.

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The Ultimate All In One Headlamp

GoBeam™ is perfect for all kinds of activities such as woodworking, handy work, construction, home repairs, and adventures alike. Keeps you focused on the work, not on the lighting.

The wide viewing angle illuminates more than what your eyes can see and have zero blindspots. Its versatile design makes it perfect for outdoor activities too.

What makes GoBeam™ Different

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230° Wide Angle Illumination

Powered by COB LED that delivers 350 Lumens in high settings for maximum illumination.
The wide viewing angle allows for all kinds of situation, ensuring you get the best light coverage in dark areas with impeccable flood light. Ensuring your safety like never before.

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Wave Sensor

Easily control the lights by waving your hand around the sensor.Just wave across the sensor and it turns ON/OFF in an instant.
This will eliminate the need to constantly adjust your headlamp to illuminate different areas.

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5 Light Modes

The headlamp has 5 light modes and is easy-to-operate. XPE LED Light: High (100%)/ Low (40%), COB Light: High (100%)/ Low (40%). In any mode, press the power switch 2 seconds into the Flash Light mode.

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GoBeam™ 230° Led Headlamp
GoBeam™ 230° Led Headlamp

Side Beam

Powered by XPE LED that delivers powerful light coverage up to 100m in distance. The side beam feature is perfect when you are around people, you won’t blind everyone in your path.

GoBeam™ 230° Led Headlamp

Red Light Mode

GoBeam™ newest addition: a red light feature. The red light emits only on the front beam, giving you the same wide angle experience. Perfect for outdoor work without attracting any insects.

GoBeam™ 230° Led Headlamp

Rechargeable via USB Type C

GoBeam™ charges with lighting speed via USB Type C connection. A full charge takes only 90 minutes and lasts for 8 hours on low mode and 3 hours on high mode.

GoBeam™ 230° Led Headlamp

Adjustable Headband

Extremely adjustable to fit on any helmet, hard hat and all head sizes, including kids head. Plus, it’s super comfortable to wear – since it weighs no more than 100 grams.

GoBeam™ 230° Led Headlamp

Minimalistic Design

A subtle design loved by many GoBeam™ users. It’s low profile, comfortable, and lightweight while providing powerful light and features that ensures the best lighting experience for you.

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Customer reviews

Based on 8 reviews
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  1. A***v

    Good packing, fast delivery. All as in the description. I am happy with the purchase.

  2. T***n

    Super comfortable to wear and incredibly bright!! Comes charged and includes charging cable. I don’t recommend looking at the light when it’s on. It’s REALLY bright!! Love that my hands are free when I’m using it and it lights up where I look. I fully recommend this product!

    GoBeam 230° Led Headlamp
    GoBeam 230° Led Headlamp
    GoBeam 230° Led Headlamp
    GoBeam 230° Led Headlamp
  3. V***a

    The flashlight is very good, I recommend

    GoBeam 230° Led Headlamp
    GoBeam 230° Led Headlamp
    GoBeam 230° Led Headlamp
  4. J***l

    Lighting with quite intensity.
    The hands-free system works very well but it also activates if you get close to something.
    I ‘ve tried it for over an hour and it still has battery.

    GoBeam 230° Led Headlamp
    GoBeam 230° Led Headlamp
  5. L***l

    Item as described.
    The design is really good. It’s confortable to use. Also using the standard plug, in this case an Usb-C, is really practical.
    The COB light is a real game changer, much more confortable to use than any other light.
    The xpe is less practical to use, because I’m wearing glasses, I have a lot of reflect on the glasses.
    So excepted this point, this light is perfect. Now just see how much time it will works.

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