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  • If you’re tired of cutting pretty wrapping paper that is always jagged & not straight, then this unique wrapping paper tool is for you.
  • It’s always frustrating whenever pretty wrapping paper is cut in an outdated way and the cuts are either jagged, torn or crooked.
  • The 2021 brand new package mount paper cutter provides you with a safe and easy way to cut wrapping paper by making a perfect cut in 2 seconds.

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The Perfect Tool

  • Made of sturdy plastic, lightweight and convenient, ergonomic tubular handle.
  • Easy to handle for children or people with fine motor skills difficulties

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Saves Time

  • The sliding paper cutter will save you a lot of time on your holiday gift wrapping jobs.
  • Instead of using outdated cutting methods, you can use this sliding cutter to get silky smooth wrapping paper cuts.

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Easy to Use

  • It is flexible and can be used for any size paper roll.
  • It has the perfect blade angle, it’s safety features and simplicity. Safe embedded blade design.
  • Unlike scissor tools, it protects fingers from any dangerous operation and children no longer worry when using it.

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Safe to Use

  • Are you still using scissors or a knife to cut wrapping paper? The cuttings are not smooth and unattractive.
  • This wrapping paper cutting tool has a built-in blade that is safe, smooth and fast.

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Suitable for Children

  • Scissors or kraft knives are too unsafe for children.
  • This wrapping paper is easy for kids to use and can help them learn how to wrap gifts.
  • This is very meaningful. This cutting tool is perfect for children to safely learn to wrap Christmas and birthday gifts.

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Perfect Design

  • The wrapping paper cutter is made of high quality ABS and is not easily damaged.
  • Small size, light weight, easy to use, suitable for any kind of paper, such as wrapping paper, craft paper, newspaper, etc.

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  • Color Green: White; Black; Red; Blue.
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 40g
  • Package size” (L*W*H) 9.8*6*6CM
  • Package includes: wrapping paper cutter *1


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